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Chalkdown Easel for iPad Pro

The Chalkdown Easel for iPad Pro creates a perfectly flat drawing surface for artists.

Flexible comfort iPad drawing stand

Portrait or landscape, flat or angled, on a table or your lap, the easel has 13 different settings to ensure a comfortable and versatile session.


Stunning looks to compliment the iPad Pro along with the practicality of magnets to keep the iPad firmly in place even in the most vertical of settings.


Space for the Apple Pencil to attach and charge, channel for the charging cable and finger holes to easily, and safely, remove the iPad from the easel.

Eco Friendly

Packaging is 100% recyclable, using part recycled cardboard and paper tape - no plastic in sight.


Choice of Bamboo or Hardwood Birch Ply, both from sustainable sources.  Tactile and rich in colour, it's a joy to draw with.

More than an easel

As a stand in it's own right it is perfect to use with the iPad, whether its sending emails, Zoom calls, editing photos or watching videos.

Suitable for iPad Pro Generations 3, 4 and 5 (280.6mm high x 214.9mm wide).